- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi "FLOW"



Kendama is a very special sport. It's one of the only sports that can be played anywhere. You don't need a cement court, a grassy pitch, or an ice rink. Most players love to play while they wait in line, in their bedroom, or at a park.

Kendama is easy to play, yet it develops incredibly important mental, physical, and emotional attributes just like other sports.

• skill attribution

• problem solving skills

• fine motor skills

• hand-eye coordination

• concentration and focus

Although Kendama is one of the newest sports, there are competitions all over the world. The biggest competitions are:

• Kendama World Cup in Hatsukaichi, Japan

• North American Kendama Open in Minneapolis, USA

• Battle and the Border in Nashville, USA

• European Kendama Championship in Leiden, Netherlands

What's great about Kendama is that it's so versatile. These competitions consists of different formats:

• open format (head to head tricks like SKATE or PIG)

• freestyle format (head to head freestyle with judges)

• KWC format (group play where the highest score wins)


It was December of 2015. Isaac opened the drawer in his roommates kitchen.. He saw a wooden cup and ball toy next to the utensils. Isaac asked "What is this thing?". Paul, Isaac's roommate responded, "it's called a Kendama."

Isaac always loved playing sports, but he was never satisfied playing on a team. He loved solo sports like skateboarding and golf, but they didn't stick for him for whatever reason. Isaac had always felt that his gifts weren't his height, his size, or his strength, rather his perseverance, ability to learn, and his tenacity. 

Isaac fell in love with Kendama immediately. He started playing whenever he had the chance. He loved the unlimited trick combinations, the constant progression, and how he could play it anywhere at anytime. 

Besides playing, he loved learning about the culture and history of Kendama coming from Japan. He was incredibly inspired by Kendama Pro Players at the time - Liad Kotlarker, the Gallaghers, and Markus Lander. These players dedicated their life to this sport- not because of money, fame, or social acceptance, but only because they simple loved playing Kendama, just like Isaac did.

After 4 years of playing everyday, he was now an advanced Kendama player. He had a vision that he could make a Kendama that was great at every trick. He drew up designs that were colorful, minimalistic, and good for tracking. He named the business "Lotus Kendamas". Isaac loved how the Lotus Flower looks and what is represents: nature, resilience, and peace.

At the North American Kendama Open in 2019, Isaac sold the first Lotus Kendama, the "Sacred" Kendama. After that, he started slowly building the Lotus Kendamas team with players that inspired him. He also started personally playing Kendama more seriously- setting annual goals, creating practice regimens, and dedicating more time to progressing. 

With Isaac's experience and influence from his team, Lotus Kendamas set their goals on creating the most playable shapes with the best looking designs. Lotus believes that Kendama teaches lessons that last forever. We value the friends and the community that Kendama has created for us. We wish to share the value of Kendama with as many people as we can.