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Featuring the Kendamanomics Fundamentals Tricklist that includes the first 60 tricks a beginner player should learn. 

• Sacred Shape (+comfortability)

• No base cup hole (+slingers)

• Big cups (+lunars)

• Extended Rims (+stalls)

• 70 cm string (+10 fingers)

• Illuminated stripe (+tracking)

• Bearing (+anti-tangle)

• New Lotus Vinyl Sticker (+extras)

• String Pack (+extras)

• New Lotus Box (+extras) 

Purple: Third Eye Chakra. Perception. Where the mind connects to the body. "I SEE."

Physical Benefits of Kendama

✍️ Improve Fine Motor Skills

⛹️‍♂️ Increase Hand-Eye Coordination

💪 Increase Mobility and Strength


The most famous Lotus Kendama. For players looking to step up their game, the Sacred Kendama is perfect for you. The Ken is made out of maple wood, which adds durability and quality of play. The illuminated tracking stripe will catch your eyes to land a spike. The Sticky Paint clear will help with lunars and lighthouses.

Mental Benefits of Kendama

😌 Stress Relief

🙇‍♂️Improve Focus and Concentration

🌳 Natural Dopamine Source

Review of The Lotus Bloom by KENCULT

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