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The Lotus Core is the third design of the Lotus Element Series. The Classical Element of Rock was the inspiration behind the new Lotus design.

"Rock is solid and still, but builds up to incredible and impressive feats. Play with a powerful base, using calculated and thoughtful movements, but don’t fear the momentum that’s building."

"The Element Shape slays taps, the ken bounces off the tama. The weight and dimensions makes major level-ups super easy." - Markus Lander

***Your Element Ken may have a shorter than average spike. This was done intentionally, so when the sarado is naturally lowered after a few days of play, it will sit exactly where we designed it to sit. If you'd like to speed up the process, you can sand the ken around the string hole.***

Core Design

Inspired by the classical Element of Rock, this design gives the player supreme tracking ability using the three stripes and design in the middle. The dark gradients at the top with the "Earth" Kanji will let your eye know that the bevel is on the other side in the milisecond you need it to. As the big stripe and the bevel come around, your eye will know exactly where to spike. The middle design and the slight gradient adds background color and aesthetic. 

Element Shape

This Lotus Flow Kendama features the brand new Lotus Element Shape. This shape is our second shape ever- it went through 2 years, 14 prototypes, and testing from 4 Kendama professionals to evolve into the perfect shape.

The first priority when curating this shape was balance. We wanted a perfectly balanced Ken that offers the player the ability to rapidly switch between different styles of Kendama play. We found the ideal size fraction between length, width, and height. The Ken flips on a perfect axis, making all flipping tricks feel natural and organic. This shape is tuned in to everything - flow, flips, stalls, balance, lunars, and slingers. On average, the Element Sarado is heavier than the sword, which means every Kendama is desgined to be ultra lunar honed.


Height - We toned it down for the overall height of this shape, as it's a bit shorter than the Sacred Shape. It's still tall enough to leave extra space for a large hand, but we found that tapping and lunars were greatly benefited at this specific height.

Width - The curve and width of the sword is thin enough for slingers, but wide enough to give players adequate material to feel out flips.

Ring - We designed the ring to feel very comfortable in a hand, without taking away from the actual stall point. The ring gives enough grip to efficiently launch multiple flips, but it's not so protruding that it gets in the way.

Handle - The curve between the ring and the handle stall was designed to fit a thumb perfectly, and the indent is placed at a specific point to settle your thumb during juggle and late flips. The Handle edge adds a little more grip for ken flips, but again, not too much to stick. We wanted this ken to play off the hand quickly and easily, and the best way to do that was with this Handle shape. The Handle Stall is sized to latch and settle the bevel of an Element Tama.

Basecup Hole - The Element Basecup Hole was designed gigantic, as this greatly benefits both lunars and taps - as you will hear the hollowness ricochet when tapping.


Width - The Element Sarado features a rare width dimensions at 75.5mm, longer than 99% shapes out there right now. As the KWC Box width increased from 75, we saw this as an opportunity to increase the width as well, benefiting stalls, lunars, and slings.

Stalls - The Element Stall Points are huge because of the extra room from the wider Sarado. We also angled the stalls and "cut" into the sarado so birds and stilts can effectively lock onto that edge. The Element Bevel fits perfectly on the stalls points, which is easiest to notice by pulling up a wing and feeling it quickly stabilize and sit.

Cups - The Big and Small Cup have a tiny difference between them, adding overall balance to the shape, and making small cup lunars slap.

Sarado Cut - The visible Sarado cut also benefits slingers, grasping your finger to help rotate around quickly.


The 62mm Tama will give your hand more than enough material to hone in Tama Control without being too heavy. The Bevel is extra big to fit the Element Stall points- stalls will feel 'settled in' instead of 'balanced on.