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Mars Mod - Franta Mars’ Pro Model

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Hey! My name is František Maršálek, AKA Franta Mars, and this is my Pro Model for Lotus Kendamas: the MARS Mod.

Kendama has been one of the most important parts of my life for the past 5 years. While I was injured from BMX, my friend Pavel showed me Kendama, and it literally changed my life forever.

For the design, I wanted to create something special, something really unique to me. In my eyes Kendama has something spiritual, something deep inside of it. The design symbolizes infinity, the universe, and the little life I live on this awesome, infinite journey.

For the Mars Shape, I’ve always dreamed about creating my own shape, something universal but fun!

-I made a massive sarado to keep the Kendama lunar heavy but I shortened the cups to keep it classy and traditional

-The sarado radiuses are pretty steep to keep it honed for slingers, also the stall points are huge and a little rounded for the best stall balance.

-I deepened the curve around the ring for more hand connection, and also to make C-Whips way easier because the string will stick. 

-The basecup hole fits a finger for funky tricks, and the handlestall and rings are designed to really hold stalls.

What’s in the Box

-The Mars Mod (maple ken, beech/maple halfsplit tama)

-A Mars Mod custom cloth bag 1 extra silk string 2 stickers (Mars+Lotus)

-1 Mars pin

See ya, Franta

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Joshua Hamilton

Great company, very responsive to customers and a wonderful product. Thank you


Feels so goooooood in hand


This is probably one of the most favorited kendamas I've ever gotten. I love the way that it's shaped I love the way that it feels and I go to do Ken flips and other tricks very nice for techie tricks. Would definitely recommend to anybody that wants a really nice Kendama one that's going to last for a while he wouldn't be disappointed all the way around the color scheme the way that I tracking is it's perfect. Top notch product